How to Pick a Good Direct Mail Mailing List

Do you have a good mailing list for your direct mail campaign? Hopefully you do, because your list is where the money is. You can have a great offer and a great sales letter, but if your list is wrong, then you won’t have any success. This is the importance of having a good mailing list.You wouldn’t want to sell ice skates to people who live in hot Phoenix, Arizona would you? Of course not. Phoenix stays hot all year long, so trying to sell ice skates in a city that constantly stays about 80 degrees would be nonsensical. But believe it not, people make similar mistakes all the time.One thing that you should never do when picking a list to mail to is to randomly select people out of your local phonebook. This is a very ineffective way of selling your products and should be avoided at all costs. You will find that almost 20% of the people that you mail to are no longer at the addresses that you compiled, and of the 80% that are there, little to none will respond back to you. Trust me, I would know.Your goal should be to find out how you can reach your target market as effectively as possible. With a good system of finding targeted prospects, you can lay rest assured that your direct mail campaign will have the highest chances of success and that you won’t lose money in the process.There are 2 kinds of mailing lists available to you and one is better than the other. The first list is the kind of list where you compile and get names from out of a phonebook. This is called a “compiled list”, and it’s the most ineffective way to do direct mail. The other kind of list is called a “direct response list”, and this list is far more superior than a compiled list.Direct response lists are lists where you target people who have bought something. They could have bought from television, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, or anywhere. This the best and most valuable list around, and you can find people who have bought this way in something called the “SRDS”.SRDS stands for the standard rate and data service, and it is a complete book of mailing lists of people who have bought something. You would think that a resource like this is hard to attain, but believe it or not, you can go down to your local library and pick it up there. It’s 4-inches thick, and is something that can maximize your response rates in a heartbeat.It doesn’t matter what you sell. In the SRDS, you will more than likely find a list that will be good prospects for what you have to sell. The best thing about this kind of list is that you don’t have to do any arm twisting in order to get them to buy something. They’ve already bought before and are more than likely to buy again soon.When implementing direct mail campaigns, always use a direct response list. It’s the best kind of list available and can make you more money starting today. Good luck with yoru direct mail campaign.

Using The SRDS To Pick A Good Mailing List

Picking a good mailing list for your direct mail campaign is an integral part of your success. Picking a good list can mean the difference between hitting the mark on your target and missing it completely.When picking a list to mail to, you never want to select a group of people from a phonebook. This list may reside in your local area, but if they aren’t targeted and aren’t looking for what you have to sell – then what’s the point? You’re losing money if you do this and there are other ways to reinvest your cash to make your campaign profitable.I used to be heavily involved in direct mail marketing so I am speaking from first hand experience here. I used to compile names from a phonebook and mail my offer out to people in my local area. I had the philosophy that since they live close by, they will buy my product because they are like a neighbor to me. I was dead wrong.No one responded to my offers and it took me a while to learn that I shouldn’t mail to people from a phonebook. Believe it or not, I wasted thousands of dollars on this little experiment, and until I got some good direct mail advice, my mind was in the blue. You don’t have to end up like me. If you’re currently mailing to names out of a phonebook, you should know that there are better lists available to you.Profitable mailing lists can be found in something called the SRDS. The SRDS stands for the standard rate and data service, and it’s a collection of customer mailing lists from people all over the country. This valuable manual can be found at your local library and you should know that you will have to pay for this kind of list.When picking your list, you should strive to get it as specific as possible. What I mean by this is that, you want to target your list by gender, state, age, income, and etc. A list like this will cost you more, but it will be almost guaranteed to get you the return on investment that you are looking for.The SRDS is 4-inches thick, and no matter what you sell, you can be sure to find the list that’s right for you in this book. You would be amazed at how many lists are in this book and it’s almost a sure lock that you will find something in here that relates to what you are selling.A list that you find out of the SRDS is called a “direct response list”. All this means is that the people in this book has bought something from their list owners. This is a very valuable list to attain and it is much better than a compiled list. A compiled list is just what it sounds like – a list that you go and compile from out of a phone book for example.Compiled lists are highly inferior to a direct response list and is something that you should stay away from. There is one kind of list that is better than a direct response list, and this list if your own customer list. Your own customer list is a list that knows you and likes you, and who wants to do business with you. If you’re not marketing to your own customer list, you’re missing out on a vast group of people that can make you very profitable.All of these tips for having direct mail success should be followed if you want to make money now.Be sure to start using them today to have the best results for your next direct mail campaign.