Choosing Education Toys for Toddlers

Having a child can be one of life’s greatest moments, but it is also one of life’s greatest responsibilities. Once a child is past the infant stage, their skills are growing at a remarkable rate, especially in the area of language and physical development. The skills they gain as a toddler will be the groundwork for skills used in the rest of their life.Playing with toys is one of the many ways a toddler learns. It is important that a parent knows what type of education toys to look for when purchasing them for their child. Because all children of this age do not have the same capabilities, the parent must know their toddler’s skills, and buy the toys appropriate for that skill level.Children of this age are developing their gross motor skills, so large cardboard blocks, large balls, and climbing sets especially designed for these children are good choices. Using ride-on toys is also an appropriate way for toddlers to make use of their large muscles.Toddlers are also developing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. There are many education toys which help with the growth of these skills. These include nesting, lacing, and sorting toys. At this age, the use of large crayons is now within the capability of the child, and they greatly enjoy creating their own masterpieces. Puzzles are also appropriate for children of this age, giving the child a feeling of accomplishment when they can complete the puzzle.At this point in the child’s life, they are quickly developing their language skills. Therefore, the use books can play an important part in helping with this development. Picture books encourage the child to use their expressive language skills and to build on these skills, as do books that can be read by the parent, making this a great time to start building the child’s personal library.As can be seen, it is very important to keep the toddler in mind when buying educational toys. Besides the tips mentioned above, safety must always be a part of the choice of a toy. One must be sure that the toy is geared towards the child’s developmental level. With balls, make sure toddlers do not use foam balls, capable of being compressed and put in their mouth. If a toy part can fit inside a toilet paper roll, it is too small and not appropriate for the child. Toys should not have strings attached which could be wrapped around the neck.A toddler’s growth is fascinating to watch. Helping that child to develop to the fullest extent possible is one job which comes with being a parent, and because of the educational toys available, it is a job that both parent and child can share and enjoy together.